PlantBuddy; your plants biggest buddy!

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Our story...

PlantBuddy has been designed out of sheer frustration. Many among us have both pets and houseplants at home. Frequently, this is not a good combination because our loved cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets or other pets love to dig in the soil of the plants. So we had to find a solution to our burrowing loved one.

Some pet owners attempted to solve this by stretching plastic bags or aluminum foil over the pots. That worked pretty well, but it was not an ideal solution. As well as looking unsightly, you would have to peel back the plastic or foil to water the plant.

We thought that this could be done better. It had to be something that does not need to be removed in order to feed or water the plant. 

It had to be independent of pot size as much as possible and it should be decorative, when set against the plant.

We believe that we have succeeded on all these points. 

In fact, PlantBuddy also prevents weeds from growing and at the same time protects the soil from drying out. But most important of all … the soil stays where it should be.. in the pot! 

Naturally, the PlantBuddy models and the packaging materials produced entirely sustainable. We use 100% recycled material. The packaging of the models is carried out responsibly, because we make use of sheltered workshops.

Are you curious how it works, check the animation. Or are you convinced already? Please visit our store and choose the PlantBuddy that you need.

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